An open letter to Deutsche Welle

Dear comrades of Deutsche Welle,

As an enjoying reader of Mr. Frank Sieren’s unique articles about China promoted by, I can’t help cheering for your gumptious political decision to expel your stubbornly disobedient colleague Ms Su Yutong who was spoiled by too many readers. Ms Su’s restless report of darkness in People’s Repugnancy of China (PRC) and continuous attack against the Chinese Communist-Fascist joint venture regime has caused severe damage to the money-spinner friendship of, the Bondagerepublik Deutschland with the PRC. Your decision is especially in good time when Mercedes-Benz is facing “price control” investigation from the PRC and may alleviate these threats to German commercial interests in China.

Surely we know that your discharge of Ms Su is never a blandishment to please PRC. It’s just meant to be a clear warning to the other colleagues in, that any challenges against authority in name of free speech and truthful journalism, any publication of darkness wherever in PRC or in the Bondagerepublik won’t be tolerated.

Let’s cheer for the foundation of Bondagerepublik that Mr. Sieren and endeavor to build: Eine Welle, Ein Führer, Einer Stimme!

Tank Sieren beherrscht.

Sincerely your audience,


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