XU Wei, a cameraman working for Ai Weiwei’s MV in production, was reported to be kidnapped with tricks by the Beijing police (Gong’an), suffered brutal abuse and sent to hospital for medical check. This was believed to be an attempt by the government to obstruct the making of Ai Weiwei’s heavy metal music videos expected to be released soon.

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-04 09:46:19 UTC
我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞,当一个人的生命受 到威胁时,拥有7000个亿的维稳国家却拒之不理,我只能认为人是在国家的手中。

aiww: My friend XU Wei has disappeared for more than 24 hours. He works as an assistant for one of my short movies before his disappearance. When his family relatives sought help from the police, they gave repeatedly buck-passing and quillet with all kinds of excuses. While the life of a person was in danger, a “stability-maintaining” state in possession of 700 billion CNY refused to pay any attention. So the only possibility that I can see is that this person is in the hands of the state.

妙觉 @miaojue12 2013-04-04 09:53:13 UTC
能受到國家的保護。才是一等的公民!@aiww: 我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞,当一个人的生命受到威胁 时,拥有7000个亿的维稳国家却拒之不理,我只能认为人是在国家手中。

miaojue12: One is only a first-class citizen if he can get protection from the state!

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-04 10:15:35 UTC

aiww: I just talked on phone with the police and told them who I am. The police clearly declared that cameraman XU Wei was not in control of Beijing police. The police said they are circulating notice to the criminal police organization for investigation. Please be concerned.

萧元 @1106XiaoYuan 2013-04-04 10:22:47 UTC 对话
关注。老艾又要操心了。Ai Weiwei@aiww 我刚与警方通了电话,告知我的身份,警方明确告知摄影师徐伟不在北京警方控制中,警方正在通报市刑警组织侦查。关注。@aiww

1106XiaoYuan: Concerned. Mr. Ai will be worried again.

天下帝王皆贼也! @5imiser 2013-04-04 10:25:20 UTC 对话
怪了,不在北京,还通过市 RT @aiww 我刚与警方通了电话,告知我的身份,警方明确告知摄影师徐伟不在北京警方控制中,警方正在通报市刑警组织侦查。关注。

5imiser: Strange thing. If he is not in Beijing, why still investigate through the city police?

叶海燕 @liumangyan 2013-04-04 11:19:36 UTC
不在警方的控制中,那是在安全局,还是在军方?或者是黑帮?可以报案吗?RT @aiww: 我刚与警方通了电话,告知我的身份,警方明确告知摄影师徐伟不在北京警方控制中,警方正在通报市刑警组织侦查。关注。

liumangyan: If he is not in control of the police, is he in control of the State Security Bureau (like KGB of USSR), or the military? Or even the maffias? Can we report the case to the police?

Suyutong @Suyutong 2013-04-04 12:13:44 UTC
#中国梦 RT ‏@aiww 我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞,当一个人的生命受到威胁 时,拥有7000个亿的维稳国家却拒之不理,我只能认为人是在国家的手中。

Suyutong: #China_Dream

赖永献 @aac_ 2013-04-04 12:35:11 UTC
婶儿也要寻人启事了 RT @ligeg RT @Suyutong: #中国梦 RT ‏@aiww 我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞

aac_: Aunt Ai (a pet name given by Ai Weiwei’s fans to him) also needs to make a “search for missing people” poster now.

[When Ai Weiwei was kidnapped by the secret political police (Guo
Bao, Guard for State Domestic Political Security) at the Beijing
Airport on 3 April 2011, people all over the world made countless
“search for missing Ai Weiwei” posters to raise public awareness of
the incident and urge release of him.]

Suyutong @Suyutong 2013-04-04 13:20:17 UTC
#被失踪 #中国梦 #伟大民族复兴 #盖世太保 RT ‏@aiww 我刚与警方通了电话,告知我的身份,警方明确告知摄影师徐伟不在北京警方控制中,警方正在通报市刑警组织侦查。关注。

Suyutong: #Forced_disappearance, #China_Dream, #Renaissance_of_a_Great_Nation, #Gestapo.

吴发课 @wufake 2013-04-04 13:35:27 UTC
助手也抓。RT @aiww 我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞,当一个人的生命受到威胁 时,拥有7000个亿的维稳国家却拒之不理,我只能认为人是在国家的手中。

wufake: Even the assistant is seized.

Jonny @JJYSuper 2013-04-04 13:50:27 UTC 对话
@aiww 微博上有人称徐伟已经找到 是否属实??

JJYSuper: Somebody on Weibo.com said XU Wei was found, is it true?

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-04 13:59:33 UTC
一个警察到了他家里,说是打架被拘留了。至少之前公安是对我信誓旦旦说了谎,一个文弱的摄影因打架失踪近三十个小时?我第一次听说。 RT @JJYSuper: @aiww 微博上有人称徐伟已经找到 是否属实??

aiww: A police went to Xu’s home and said that he was kept in custody because of fighting with someone. Then at least the Gong’an (Police from the Public Security Bureau) lied to me with solemn vow. Would a gentle cameraman disappear about 30 hours because of fighting with someone? This is the first time I heard of such a case.

Teng @AngstTeng 2013-04-04 16:23:32 UTC
肯定是公安干的RT @aiww: 我的朋友徐伟失踪已经超过二十四个小时,失踪前为我的一个短片做助理,他的家属在寻找警察帮助时,警察一再以各种理由推诿搪塞,当一个人的生命受到威胁 时,拥有7000个亿的维稳国家却拒之不理,我只能认为人是在国家的手中。

AngstTeng: It must be the Gong’an who did it.

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 00:36:23 UTC
昨晚凌晨两点,徐伟的女友在高碑店派出所见到了徐,徐在她的耳旁第一句话,与艾有关。马勒戈壁,我现在在去高碑店路上,又说送民航总医院了。徐伟 断断续续 说了几个字:喝茶,被裸体,被打有伤。很多警察将他架出去。你丫牛逼找我来,碰我的朋友,丢人。我现在去医院找你。徐伟不惧怕。

aiww: 2am last night, XU Wei’s girlfriend met him at Gaobeidian police station. The first word that Xu told her near her ear is: “It’s all related to Ai Weiwei”. Fuck! I’m now heading to Gaobeidian, then I heard Xu was sent to the General Hospital of Civil Aviation Bureau. XU Wei told me in broken words: “Drink tea”, Unclothed and beaten, wounded. Many policemen carried him out. If you fucking bastards are really powerful, then come to fetch me directly. You’re a coward and only dare to touch my friend. I’m coming to the hospital to see you. XU Wei is not frightened.

[“Drink tea”: a joke by Chinese dissidents referring to being
summoned for interrogation by Guobao (the secret political police in
PR China, like Stasi in former Eastern Germany). ]

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 00:39:07 UTC

aiww: I don’t want to live in this “flourishing age” any more. XU Wei, I’m coming to find you.

你不是我的祖国/不杀人 @busharen 2013-04-05 00:41:35 UTC
婶,注意安全,大家一起来关注 RT @aiww: 不想过盛世日子了,徐伟,我来找你。

busharen: Aunt Ai, pay attention to your safety. People should come together to attention.

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 00:43:31 UTC

aiww: Illegal forced disappearance, illegal imprisonment, intimidation and violence, the lives of the citizens and human rights were taken as shit and dirt. #Free_Xu_Wei

Yaxue Cao @YaxueCao 2013-04-05 00:44:38 UTC
Ai Weiwei @aiww’s film assistant Xu Wei (徐伟) interrogated, beaten, now hospitalized. Ai upset, on his way to hosp. https://twitter.com/aiww/status/319971744054120449

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 00:46:16 UTC 对话
抗争是安全的最大化,每一个人的安全才是社会安全的真实含义。放徐伟,抓我。“@busharen: 婶,注意安全,大家一起来关注 RT @aiww: 不想过盛世日子了,徐伟,我来找你。”

aiww: Resistance is the maximization of safety. The true meaning of social security is security of everybody. Release XU Wei and take me instead.

Yaxue Cao @YaxueCao 2013-04-05 00:51:44 UTC
Illegal disappearance, illegal detention, coercion, violence, treating citizen’s life & rights as muck “@aiww: 非法失踪,非法拘禁,胁迫,暴力,视国民的生命和人权如粪土”

dgatterdam @dgatterdam 2013-04-05 00:51:55 UTC
@YaxueCao Just never ends with this horrific treatment of Wei Wei and the people who support the truth!

Kai @AndersFinn 2013-04-05 00:52:16 UTC
@YaxueCao I’m sorry to hear this. Thank you for the translation. @aiww

dgatterdam @dgatterdam 2013-04-05 00:53:52 UTC
So Sorry to hear this. One day it will end and people will be free. xox RT @aiww 非法失踪,非法拘禁,胁迫,暴力,视国民的生命和人权如粪土。#徐伟自由。

Buffalo Soldier @sankisyou 2013-04-05 00:56:26 UTC
@aiww 我这等p民能作些什么呢。老师可你别冲动啊.留得青山在不怕没柴烧。

sankisyou: What can us petty people do? Teacher [a respectful title
to Ai Weiwei by younger people], keep calm please. It’s said “Keep the mountain and you will not be short of firewood”. [meaning: avoid
unneccessary sacrifice or loss.]

蓝色风 @straightbar 2013-04-05 00:56:28 UTC
@aiww 交友当如艾未未

straightbar: If you want to make a friend, that must be like Ai Weiwei.

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 00:57:10 UTC

aiww: One week ago, XU Wei worked as camera assistant of Mr. Du Kefeng (Christopher Doyle, a movie director) for filming of my MV. The Gong’an were so affraid of it. They always do shameful deals.

你不是我的祖国/不杀人 @busharen 2013-04-05 00:58:23 UTC
你們都不能被抓,最该被关进监狱的是这个邪恶的政权RT @aiww: 抗争是安全的最大化,每一个人的安全才是社会安全的真实含义。放徐伟,抓我。“@busharen: 婶,注意安全,大家一起来关注 RT @aiww: 不想过盛世日子了,徐伟,我来找你。”

busharen: You all should not be arrested. Those who should be put in prison in the first priority is this evil regime.

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 01:00:05 UTC

aiww: I’m on the way to the General Hospital of Civil Aviation Bureau, Chaoyang Road.

你不是我的祖国/不杀人 @busharen 2013-04-05 01:00:40 UTC
丧尽天良,愚昧无耻的一群流氓 RT @aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。如此恐惧的公安,尽做一些丢人的勾当。

busharen: Utterly conscienceless, these stupid and shameless goons.

Yaxue Cao @YaxueCao 2013-04-05 01:01:26 UTC
“A week ago, Xu Wei 徐伟 participated in the shooting of my MV as an assistant to Christopher Doyle.” MT @aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 01:02:29 UTC

aiww: Release him, Release him, Release him, Free Xu Wei. #Free_Xu_Wei

王仲夏一世 @wangzhongxia 2013-04-05 01:03:53 UTC 对话
龌龊没有语言可以形容 “@aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。如此恐惧的公安,尽做一些丢人的勾当。”

wangzhongxia: Can’t find a word to describe such filthy deeds.

邓昊 @denghao_ 2013-04-05 01:04:29 UTC
抓狂 RT @aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。如此恐惧的公安,尽做一些丢人的勾当。

denghao_: Crazy of anger.

邓昊 @denghao_ 2013-04-05 01:05:13 UTC
徐伟徐伟徐伟 RT @aiww: 放人,放人,放人,还徐伟自由。#徐伟自由

denghao_: Xu Wei, Xu Wei, Xu Wei

你不是我的祖国/不杀人 @busharen 2013-04-05 01:05:29 UTC
放人! RT @aiww: 放人,放人,放人,还徐伟自由。#徐伟自由

busharen: Release him!

邓昊 @denghao_ 2013-04-05 01:06:20 UTC
不需要安全感 RT @aiww: 抗争是安全的最大化,每一个人的安全才是社会安全的真实含义。放徐伟,抓我。“@busharen: 婶,注意安全,大家一起来关注 RT @aiww: 不想过盛世日子了,徐伟,我来找你。”

denghao_: No need for “sense of safety”.

Simone Pieranni @simopieranni 2013-04-05 01:06:51 UTC
pare che assistente film Aiweiwei Xu Wei (徐伟) sia stato interrogato menato e ora in ospedale https://twitter.com/aiww/status/319971744054120449 … #aww

C.A. Yeung @WLYeung 2013-04-05 01:11:47 UTC
Xu Wei of Ai Weiwei’s MV production team was injured in police interrogation RT @aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。如此恐惧的公安,尽做一些丢人的勾当。

Yaxue Cao @YaxueCao 2013-04-05 01:12:57 UTC
Ai Weiwei @aiww: Free Xu Wei; detain me instead. https://twitter.com/aiww/status/319974231947505664

C.A. Yeung @WLYeung 2013-04-05 01:14:52 UTC
Free Xu Wei ! 好不要脸的北京国保,放人!RT @aiww: 放人,放人,放人,还徐伟自由。#徐伟自由

WLYeung: Free Xu Wei! What a shameless Beijing Guobao, release him!

邓二晃晃 @dc_b 2013-04-05 01:17:50 UTC
重金属MV。RT @hesuoge: RT @aiww: 一个星期前,徐伟作为杜可风的摄影助理,参与了我的MV拍摄。如此恐惧的公安,尽做一些丢人的勾当。

dc_b: Heavy metal MV.

C.A. Yeung @WLYeung 2013-04-05 01:28:06 UTC
The torture of Xu Wei by Beijing secret police is an attempt to stop Christopher Doyle from working with Ai Weiwei on a new MV production

艾未未 Ai Weiwei @aiww 2013-04-05 02:06:54 UTC
在放射科见到徐伟,两样红肿,有伤,警方阻扰他说话,并说他是嫖娼,态度粗暴,蛮横,野蛮。徐伟说两个给他下套的神秘人物消失,警方矢口否认,并 说对他这样的就是要狠狠的罚。设圈套,诬陷,除了这些手段北京公安还能有作为吗?

aiww: Saw XU Wei at the Radiology department. He has two flared positions on his body, trace of injury. The police blocked his speech and said he went whoring, with rude, brutal and outrageous attitude. XU Wei said the two mysterous persons who set the trap to cheat him disappeared. The police denied absolutely and said that such a person like him should be fined without mercy. Setting traps, forging false accusations, do Beijing Gong’an have other abilities besides these?

王雪臻 @Wxz0909 2013-04-05 02:15:53 UTC
他们就一帮政治嫖客,还能想出什么新花招?RT@aiww 在放射科见到徐伟,两样红肿,有伤,警方阻扰他说话,并说他是嫖娼,态度粗暴,蛮横,野蛮。徐伟说两个给他下套的神秘人物消失,警方矢口否认,并说对他这 样的就是要狠狠的罚。设圈套,诬陷,除了这些手段北京公安还能有作为吗?

Wxz0909: They’re just a gang of political wenchers, what other tricks can they think up?

Hao @Firedfist 2013-04-05 02:18:13 UTC
@aiww 流氓的一贯作风!

Firedfist: This is the consistent style of those goons!

公民小彪 @oubiaofeng 2013-04-05 02:22:35 UTC
怒⋯太缺少楊佳⋯⋯“@aiww: 在放射科见到徐伟,两样红肿,有伤,警方阻扰他说话,并说他是嫖娼,态度粗暴,蛮横,野蛮。徐伟说两个给他下套的神秘人物消失,警方矢口否认,并说对他这 样的就是要狠狠的罚。设圈套,诬陷,除了这些手段北京公安还能有作为吗?”

oubiaofeng: Angry. We have too few YANG Jia.

[YANG Jia: A young man who allegedly attacked a police department in
Shanghai, wounded 4 and killed 6 policemen as revenge of injustice
and beating by the police, after long time of unsuccessful appealing
for redress.]

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